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King Koil

Buy King Koil Mattress Excellence for Special Support

If your mattress is underperforming, your whole life feels out of whack. That’s why King Koil mattresses have pioneered advanced slumber solutions so you’ll always wake up refreshed. For more than a century this brand has built its stellar reputation one satisfied sleeper at a time. And when YOU try a King Koil mattress, you too will agree!

A King Koil Mattress with Your Ideal Firmness

The core of every King Koil mattress is the company’s unique spring system. The Perfect Contour Reaction pocketed coils are engineered to perfectly adjust to your body’s shape as they relieve your overworked muscles of the job of supporting you. Layers of memory foam on top of this add to the sensation of floating off to dream-filled deep sleep where your cells can recharge. Your choice of King Koil mattress varies greatly according to its surface firmness depending on your favorite position lying down and personal preference. These range from extra-firm to plush and the ultra-comforting Euro top. All King Koil mattresses are approved by the International Chiropractor Association for their health benefits. Additionally, using the brand’s Sleep iD system, you can best determine your comfort level if you are not sure.

Enjoy King Koil iMattresses for Perfect Temperature Control

If getting overheated while asleep is an issue for you, King Koil mattresses offer you a ready solution. Among our top sellers are this brand’s iMattress employing copper ingeniously on the mattress surface as well as specially formulated memory foam for extra cooling. Thanks to King Koil mattresses made in the USA, never fear sleepless summer nights again.

Rest on Fantastic King Koil Gel Hybrid Mattresses for Reduced Motion

If you share your bed so getting up in the middle of the night is a challenge, superb King Koil gel hybrid mattresses are here to help your relationship. Their fantastic gel-infused memory foam is scientifically developed to reduce motion disturbance. This foam combined with the brand’s proprietary pocketed coil system guarantee you both the sleep you deserve.

All this King Koil mattress excellence can be yours for a bargain price at our Pennsauken, NJ store. Sleep well and dream big!