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Furniture of America is an American employee-owned furniture manufacturing company founded in 2006 that has experienced rapid growth due to our high-quality furniture and customer service, with now six warehouse distribution centers in the United States and three in Asia. Furniture of America is your provider of life changing and home altering furniture. We believe that furniture carries with it the emotion of joy. It can breathe life into your home and reshape the way you interact in your domestic realm. We feel that your home should reflect who you are and how you want those closest to you to feel when they enter a room. It is a long journey from manufacturing, to retail, and finally to your home. Furniture of America in Philadelphia. Furniture of america on sale. Furniture of America at Best Buy Furniture

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Passionate and Historic Designs from Furniture of America

Designing and furnishing a home or apartment ultimately comes down to budgeting, good taste, and perseverance. Thankfully, you’re a savvy shopper, and you already know where to find your best deals on stellar bedroom, kids and living room furniture—shipped straight from America. At Best Buy Furniture, we’re always thinking about that perfect ratio of affordability, durability and a dash of charm. By browsing through our online inventory, you can choose from the most distinct designs and aesthetics, courtesy of our friends at Furniture of America.

If you haven’t yet explored the wonders of one of our favorite brands, now’s your opportunity. All of our featured pieces cater to you, bringing together lasting quality, appetizing colors and styles that’ll astound you.

Get Comfortable in a Colorful Living Room

You can’t go wrong with a stylish contemporary sofa from Furniture of America, oozing with two-texture design, chenille cushions, and a color scheme that’ll make your eyes all misty. You’ll be eager to adorn your living room with one of these masterpieces, be it a comfortable recliner with all black leatherette or a walnut accent chair. Sink into padded luxury or rest your pen and paper on one of their cozy off-white chairside tables. What you do with the furniture in your living room is entirely up to you, but a button-tufted loveseat’s not a bad start.

Majesty and Stylish Modern Bedroom Decor

If the bedroom is the bedrock of your household, it’s only proper that you make it as elegant and spacious as possible. Through Furniture of America, you can have beauty, value and storage all in one padded headboard and footboard paired with the perfect mattress. Keep your nightstand close to your bed and gaze at its carvings and details. Whether you’re inclined toward the transitional or the traditional, our supply of Furniture of America dresser drawers can keep all your clothing and jewelry safe and sound.

Solid Chests and Desks for Kids of All Ages

Great furniture isn’t reserved for the adults of the family. Whether you have children of your own or simply find yourself shopping for one, you’ll find no shortage of fantastic kids bunkbeds, night stands, chests and desks at our Best Buy showrooms in Pennsauken, NJ and the City of Philadelphia

Order online or visit us today to fully appreciate our stylish offerings from Furniture of America.