ACME started doing business in Los Angeles, California in 1985. Today we have six branches located in San Francisco, New York City, New Jersey, Texas, Atlanta, Miami, and one distributor in Arizona. From the beginning, we have set out to provide our customers with service, value and quality. Acme Furniture specializes in traditional furniture and traditional living room collections. Acme Furniture also features Geniune leather in their collections. Shop Acme Furniture in Philadelphia today!

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Opulence Can Be Yours for Less with Acme Furniture

If you thought intricate, finely made home furniture was a luxury reserved for the rich, Acme Furniture’s extraordinary lines of bedroom, living room, dining room, home office, entertainment center, and outdoor furniture are here to prove that notion wrong. Feel the joy that comes from Old World-style craftsmanship at the prices you can only get at Best Buy Furniture & Mattress’s four Philadelphia, PA area showrooms. You’ll swear off particleboard kit furniture forever! Below are just a few representative examples of how Acme pieces can make your home the showplace you’ve always dreamed of.

Upgrade to Acme’s Gorgeous Living Room Pieces and Ensembles

For living rooms alone, we can offer you more than 700 Acme pieces both individually and as sets. Find Victorian-style grandeur you didn’t dare consider before, thinking it out of range in the rarefied world of antiques. It gets even better. Thanks to polyurethane upholstery, you can have the look and suppleness of vintage leather without the hassle of keeping it clean, no longer fretting over every spill. After all, living room furniture is meant to be lived with! Choose from an astonishing array of full-size living room sofas, loveseats, chairs, and ottomans. And when it comes to coffee tables with some weight and substance, Acme Furniture has got you covered.

At Last You Can Watch TV in Style

In all our years of serving the Philadelphia area with an eclectic assortment of home furniture styles, we at Best Buy can honestly say we have never before seen the perfect marriage of classic detail and modern convenience that we have in Acme Furniture’s selection of home entertainment pieces. Styles and sizes vary from simple consoles to midsize cabinets with sleek modern lines to the baroque detail of some of our largest wall units.

For these and all of Acme Furniture’s other stupendous home furnishing selections for shoppers with a discerning eye, plan on stopping by Best Buy Furniture & Mattress’s Philadelphia, PA showroom or any of our other metropolitan area stores. At Best Buy, low prices are an everyday happening! We look forward to serving you.